Peru 63%

Heading to Lima


Grand Cru in mini carre, Peru is distinguished by its floral and fruity aromas. A hint of Osmanthus flower fragrance is complemented by a touch of Espelette chilli pepper.
Osmanthus is a tree that produces small white flowers, very fragrant. This Grand Cru has been designed so that the aromatic notes of these flowers can be recognised in the mouth.


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Dark chocolate 63% cocoa (Peruvian cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin encoded_tag_open1%, vanilla).<


Gluten: Traces
Eggs: no
Milk: Traces
Peanuts: No
Soybean: Presence
Nuts : Traces
Fish: no
Crustaceans: No
Mustard: no
Sesame : no
Celery: no
Lupin: no
Molluscs: No
Sulfite: no

Nutritional values

Fats : 39.00 g
Saturated fatty acids : 23 g
Carbohydrates : 36 g
Sugars : 32 g
Proteins : 7.50 g
Salt : 0,02 g

Energy values

Energy values in kcal : 546
Energy values in kJ : 2284


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