The love of chocolate

Once upon a time, there was a chocolate lover. As a child, Anne-Sophie dreams of being already busy in her chocolate factory. However, Anne-Sophie first distinguished herself in finance before combining her passion for the Chocolat.

Seduced by all the aspects related to chocolate design and creation, fascinated by chocolate and the meanders of its manufacturing process, she observed it for twenty years in the district where she lived surrounded by large chocolate houses. She founded Mon Mini Carré with the ambition of making a cute sin a story of sharing, passion and good taste. From the mad desire to the fulfillment of her aspiration, she then began to learn the secrets of chocolate design, the understanding of cocoa varieties and their specificities, and the discovery of the history of this art of making.

A chocolate world

Selecting the most exquisite, offering it a precious setting, discovering tastes as unusual as they are delicious, Anne-Sophie scours the globe to carefully choose the origins of the flavours in the chocolate collection she offers.

She imagines Mon Mini Carré as a little pleasure, a reflection of her great passion. Exclusive chocolate creations made in France that conceal all the delicacy, refinement of chocolate and elegance of a designer who loves good and beautiful.


The Founder

Graduate of the Master in Finance from H.E.C Paris, Anne-Sophie Jin spent her early career in the world of “numbers” before fulfill her passion for chocolate and create her own brand “Mon Mini Carré ». Trained in the Art of Confectionery and Chocolate Candy at ” Le Cordon Bleu Paris”, she has been able to translate her passion and dedication with products with a fantastic taste: Square chocolat, meet pleasure in every corner.

Anne-Sophie Jin