Online Orders

Question How to use a promo code
AnswerIf you have an advantage code, it must be entered during your purchase process in your shopping cart summary. At that moment, at the top of the page, you will find a box indicating “Promo Code” and then click on “Add it”.
Question Has my order been validated
AnswerOnce your order has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email. You can also find all the information about your order in the section: My Account .
Question What does the term ``Unavailable Online`` mean?
AnswerSome of our creations are not shipped because they are too fragile or perishable. In this case it will be indicated “Unavailable online”.
Question What do you do with the data in my personal account?
AnswerThey are stored in our customer database in order to better serve you for your next orders. At any time, you can change them in the “My Account” section or request that they be deleted by contacting our Contact department by email at
Question How can I pay for my order?
AnswerYou can pay for your order by credit card: credit card, Visa, Mastercard.
Question Can I edit my order?
AnswerFor any order modifications we invite you to send us an email to the following address: However, if your order has already been shipped, we will no longer be able to change it.
Question How to order on your website?
AnswerYou can order our creations from our E-shop.
Our collection is presented by product category: Chocolate bar of different sizes, ganaches, boxes,…

You can choose Home Shipping.

Once your selection has been made and the products added to your basket, you proceed to confirm your order according to the following steps of the basket.

Note: Delivery is made to only one address. Indeed, we do not offer the possibility of making multi-address deliveries for the same order. To do this, you must place two or more separate orders.

If you are a Company, please contact us by email at as we offer personalized Services for your customers.

Question Are payments secure?
AnswerAll payments made on our site are secure thanks to the online payment service.
All information that goes online is encrypted using a protocol that is based on the highest level of protection currently available. Your credit card number is not kept.

Delivery to your home

Question How are your products transported?
AnswerShipments are estimated within 48 to 72 hours for all of Europe.
The packaging that protects our creations has been specially designed to ensure a temperature between 8 and 18°C for 72 hours, so that the chocolates and confectionery retain all their properties: olfactory, gustatory and aesthetic.
Question What are the delivery times?
AnswerDelivery times are estimated between 48h to 72h for all Europe.
For an order on Monday – delivery is estimated on Wednesday or Thursday
For an order on Tuesday – delivery is estimated on Thursday or Friday
For an order on Wednesday – delivery is estimated on Friday or Monday
For an order on Thursday – delivery is estimated on Monday or Tuesday
For an order on Friday – delivery is estimated on Tuesday or Wednesday
For an order on Saturday or Sunday – delivery is estimated on Wednesday
Question What should I do if I am absent on the day of delivery?
AnswerAs soon as the order is shipped, you automatically receive an email containing its tracking number.

If the recipient of the order is absent during delivery, a notice of passage is left in the mailbox and the package is put on standby.

The recipient must collect the package at the address indicated on the delivery notice or on the order tracking form.

Question Where can I find my receipt?
AnswerWe do not issue an invoice with the price mentioned in our packages. Your invoice can be downloaded in the “My Account” section. If you want to change it or for any other questions, go here.
Question I did not find a country in the list of delivery countries.
AnswerSome countries do not appear in the list of delivery countries, the reasons are varied: problems of parcel delivery in these countries, customs fees too high or unknown in advance, these countries do not accept the entry of foodstuffs.
Question How can I change my order?
AnswerIf you wish to modify your order, our team is at your disposal by email at:
Question How do I track my package?
AnswerTo track your package, we invite you to consult “My Account”. You will find all the information concerning the tracking number of your package as well as the steps of its delivery.

Our products

Question How are your chocolates stored?
AnswerWe recommend storing our chocolates in a cool place between 14°C and 18°C.
They can also be stored at the bottom of the refrigerator, leaving them carefully in their original packaging.
Question How are your ganaches, almonds and orangettes stored?
AnswerThese products must be kept at the bottom of the refrigerator, leaving them carefully in their original packaging.
Question What is the expiry date for the consumption of your chocolates and sweets?
AnswerThe CSD (Use By Date) is indicated under each of our products. It can vary between 3 and 12 months, depending on whether they are ganaches (chocolate and cream mix), pralines (chocolate and dried fruit mix) or chocolate bars.
Question What is the origin of your products?
AnswerAll our products (chocolate and confectionery) are manufactured in our workshops in France. We work from the bean and create our own chocolate thanks to the mastery of all the manufacturing stages.
Question Where does the cocoa used in your MON MINI CARRE products come from?
AnswerWe attach particular importance to the cocoa bean producers with whom we work.
Each one is carefully selected by Ann JIN herself and real trust relationships have been established over the years.

Currently, our beans come from the following countries: Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Madagascar, Ghana, Vietnam, Java Cameroon, Cuba, Mexico.

Question What does the percentage in cocoa mean?
AnswerBeyond the percentage of cocoa, it is the origin of the bean, its processing during the various stages of production that determine the taste and quality of the chocolate.
Question Do you use gelatine?
AnswerNo gelatine is present in our products.

Other issues

Question Is it possible to visit our factory?
AnswerWe do not organize visits. This is a factory with strict food, hygiene and safety requirements.
Question Are you engaged in an ethical business approach for your supplies?
AnswerBy sourcing directly from cocoa farmers, MON MINI CARRÉ aims to ensure the sustainability of the sectors and enable producers to live decently.
If you would like to know more about the history and philosophy of MON MINI CARRÉ, you will find more information on our “La Maison” page.
Question I encounter a technical problem during my purchase process.
AnswerOur technical department is at your disposal at the following address: